What are the main reasons why Brazilians invest in real estate in Florida?

There are many factors, of which we highlight the following:
- Brazilians have a love relationship with Florida, especially with Orlando and Miami. They like organization, climate, tourist attractions, natural beauties, etc.
- Since the burst of Real Estate Bubble in 2008, real estate prices in Orlando are very attractive;
- Possibility of real estate financing in Florida with low interest rates

- High prices in Brazilian real estate with Forecast of Real Estate Bubble;
- Stability and confidence in the American economy;
- Real appreciated against the dollar.

Does American market have real estate at more attractive prices than Brazil?

Safe cities, clean streets, huge shopping centers and huge flow of tourists throughout the year. In this context, it is difficult to imagine that it is possible to find a property of opportunity, whether in Miami or Orlando, at more attractive prices than in Brazil, but this is true.v In a quick browse through the Vitoria Realty website, the investor will surely find spacious homes in Miami or Orlando for very affordable prices. That's why more and more Brazilians decide to invest in Florida.
In addition to earning a great option to travel, the investment has a certain return, since real estate in Florida is appreciating and also the gains from vacation rentals are quite satisfactory.
• You never thought you could find homes in Miami and Orlando that fit your budget?
• Would you like the assistance of a serious and experienced company to fulfill this dream?
Vitoria Realty is licensed to operate throughout the State of Florida. For many years, we have helped Brazilians buy homes in Miami and Orlando to diversify their investments.
Browse our brokers and see how it is possible to invest in real estate in Florida with very affordable amounts and guaranteed return. We are ready to serve you.

Should I go to the United States to buy a house?

In the case of cash purchases, the presence of the buyer is not necessary. Documents can be signed at the Embassy or American Consulates and sent by Post Office. spouse.

Is it complicated for a Brazilian to buy a house in Orlando?

It really is very simple to buy a house in Orlando, the foreigner only needs a valid US Passport and Visa, can be seen as Tourist, Work, Student or any other.

Buying a home in Orlando or Miami, can I live in the United States?

No. You continue to have the permanence defined by your type of visa. In general, Brazilians receive a 6-month stay and 3-month Europeans, so you must apply for one of the immigration procedures to reside in the United States.

Should I declare assets that I own in the US to the Federal Revenue Service?

We believe that Brazilian law requires the declaration of assets, but we recommend that you consult a Brazilian accountant or lawyer to be sure of the real obligations and possible alternatives.

Will the Federal Revenue of Brazil know of the income and assets that I have in the US?

The IRS will only be aware of the income and assets held abroad when the taxpayer declares them. Otherwise, the information may be requested through an application supported by a judicial process or a police inquiry sent to the US Internal Revenue Service.

If I buy a property in the USA I get the”Green card”


If I buy a property in the US I have some privilege in immigration.


If I buy a property in the US I have the right to have a credit card from American banks.


If I buy a property in the US I have the right to live permanently.



How do I open a bank account in the United States?

You will be recommended by one of our realtors in Orlando to the manager of a partner bank in Florida. With our seal, the account can be opened remotely, with documentation sent by FEDEX, UPS or DHL. is in the agency, everything gets even easier.

What documents will I need to open the bank account?

The documents are:
• Copy of the passport.
• Proof of residency in Brazil, eg: electricity, water, telephone, etc.
• Minimum deposit $ 100.00

What documentation do you need to finance a property in Orlando?

All financing is personalized, so the documentation required in the process varies according to the client's profile. We work in partnership with specialized professionals and graduates to make financing, this professional will analyze your documents and find the best bank and the best funding program for your profile.In most cases the required documentation is:

- Official photo ID document in case of foreign passport with valid US visa (tourist, student, investor and etc.)
- Proof of residence
- Proof of income for the last 2 years in most cases (income tax, accountant's letter or bank statement)
- Letter of good standing bank.

Please contact our team, who will be happy to refer you to the real estate lender for an analysis and send the list of required documents.

The documents for financing real estate in Orlando should be in English?

Yes. The documents must be translated into English We always indicate a Mortgage Broker who will advise you in this process The advantage of having this professional in charge of the financing process is that the client's approval is almost guaranteed and the process is quieter and faster.

My realtor in Florida can help me with the financing roles?

In the United States, each specialized professional has a certification of his own, and the realtor, in general, can not act as a broker for financing unless he has both certifications. the process in the purchase of the property, the client only needs to worry about providing the correct documentation and the amount to be paid.

If I do not have an American Visa, what will I do to sell my home in Florida?

The sale of a property can be done by signing documents at the Consulates or the American Embassy in Brazil.It is enough that the sales documents are signed before a notary public of these offices.Other option is the appointment of a proxy to represent it, in any act pertinent to the property.

Payment / Bank Account

How do I buy dollars and send to the United States?

In most cases we indicate a suitable company specialized in sending large remittances abroad, this transfer can be made online and often has the exchange rate and IOF rates are better than banks. advise you to have the best conditions safely, we work with serious professionals to provide the best deal for our clients.

Is it important to open a bank account in the United States?

Yes, it is important to open a bank account, because it will facilitate the payments of the bills of the house, such as water, electricity etc.
It will also facilitate the sending of remessaw and to the deposits. we can guide them and help them in opening their bank account.

Will Bank charge maintenance fee for bank account?

Each bank has its rate policy, most of them will charge a monthly fee of approximately US $ 10.00 if the account has an average balance less than US $ 1,500.00.

Will I receive credit and debit card from the bank?

Yes. You will receive a debit card that can be used for withdrawals and purchases. This same card also works on credit card machines, but the debit is made at the time of purchase and not by invoice.

Financing / Forms of payment

Can a Brazilian buy a property financed in Orlando?

Yes. Most banks that finance up to 75% of the property for foreigners and in case of residents up to 90% of the property.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the financed purchase and the view of a house in Orlando (Brazilian buyers)?


- Low interest (between 5-6% pa).
- Easy credit approval for foreigners.
- Financial leverage.

- The value of the property to be financed should be at least US $ 100 thousand.
- Bank should evaluate and approve the purchase.
- It requires the presence of the buyer in the USA.
- Conclusion of the business in the medium term (between 45-60 days).


- Advantages:
- Dollar-backed investment with a view to devaluation of the real.
- Short term business completion: 15-30 days.
- More power of negotiation in opportunities.
- There are no additional costs (taxes and bank fees) in the bookkeeping of the property.
- Allows purchase on behalf of investment company avoiding inheritance tax.
- Purchase can be made from Brazil.

- Total availability requirement l of resources.

Can I finance a property in Orlando of any value?

No. The minimum amount of financing must be US $ 75,000.00, that is, the minimum value of the property purchased financed should be US $ 100,000.00.This rule can be changed at any time by the banks, our team for more information.

What are the interest rates for financing a property in Orlando?

Interest rates currently vary from 3% to 5% for American residents and 4% to 8% for foreign investors. Interest rates vary according to the documentation provided to the bank, entry value and credit score of the client. For more information, please contact our team.

What is the amortization system for real estate financing in Orlando?

The vast majority of banks adopt the Constant Rate System (PRICE), which is fixed during the whole period of the financing. Since the IPTU and property insurance will be included in the installment, these two items may cause small variations of the plot.

How can I simulate real estate financing in Florida?

We recommend that you go to www.mlcalc.com and make your simulation

Purchase Price = Purchase price

Mortgage Term = Interest Period = Interest Rate = Property Tax = IPTU (approximately 1.6% of property value);
Property Insurance = Property insurance (0.3 - 0.5% of the value of the property);
PMI = Insurance for financing protection (Not applicable for 20% or more);
ZIP Code = CEP of the property (use 34747 - Disney region);
First Payment Date = Date of first payment (30 days after deed).

Can I refinance a home in Orlando at any time?

Most banks that finance foreigners allow debt settlement at any time, without penalty.

What will the approval of real estate financing for seniors be like?

Since 1974, a Federal decree (ECOA) prohibits discrimination in the granting of credit based on race, color, religion, origin, sex, marital status or age. the others.

Will the financing be paid in case of death of the borrower?

No. Unlike Brazil, the bank will not require you to take out life insurance to pay off the financing, but nothing prevents you from doing it on your own.

Can I finance a property on behalf of my company?

Yes, you can finance a property in the name of a legal entity, but the guarantor of the financing must be in the name of an individual.

Taxes / Expenses

What taxes and fees do I pay on a property in Florida?

- Property Tax (IPTU) approximately 1.6% of the property value; - Capital gain (15% on real estate profits at the time of sale), applies only to investment property such as real estate - Some Florida condominiums charge CDD - Community Development District for a certain time or indeterminate.This rate equals the improvement contribution rate, check with your broker about the existence of CDD prior to the purchase decision .

Should I pay tax when renting my house in Orlando or Miami?

In Florida, any long-term residential lease is exempt from ICMS (Sales Tax). Commercial leases of any period are required to pay Sales Tax (7% in Osceola County, 6.5% in Orange County). Residential leases per season (periods less than 181 days) pay ICM + Tourism Development Tax (6% in the State of Florida).

Who pays the commission of the realtor in Florida?

Unless you are informed otherwise, the commission is presumed to be paid by the seller of the property, both in the purchase of new and used properties.

Can I work with multiple realtors?

Although common in Brazil, this is an ill-seen practice in the United States, and may compel the buyer to indemnify the broker from being passed by the buyer.

What monthly and annual expenses will I have with my property?

IPTU - Property Tax A maximum of 1.62% of the value of the property, paid on March 31 of the year following the jurisdiction. Payment can be anticipated within 4 months, with 1% discount per month.
Condominium Fee: Simple Communities: Between $ 50.00 and $ 100.00 / month
Resort Style Communities (Complete Leisure Structure): Between $ 250.00 and $ 500.00 / month
Cable TV, internet and telephone:Between $ 30 and $ 80 (depending on whether the irrigation is from the house or condominium).
Electricity: Between $ 100 and $ 300. Newer homes are more efficient
Pest Control: Between $ 15.00 and $ 20.00 per month. It protects against typical Florida bugs.
Pool cleaning: Between $ 60.00 and $ 100.00 depending on the size of the pool. Sometimes it is included in the administration fee.
Gardening: of condominium. When it does not, it costs between $ 80.00 and $ 100.00.
Alarm and home automation system: Between $ 10.00 and $ 35.00, it depends on the level of service
Admin fee:Between $ 100.00 and $ 300.00. It depends on the level of services provided. Beware promises of administration fee waivers. As it is said in america: 'There is no free lunch!'
Rents Commission: From 10% and 35%, depends on the administrator's rate policy. A few administrators charge a fixed fee per guest.

How much Tax Cause-Mortis payment?

The state of Florida does not charge transmission tax when it passes the death of one or more owners, but this can occur without federal allocation. Each resource has $ 60,000, from a tax rate greater than 18 % and 40%. This is a complex subject and full of exceptions, so you should consult an accountant or tax lawyer for more details.

What tax paid on the sale of the property?

You pay only 15% on capital gain, that is, on the profit earned. If you do not reside in the US, an American Federal Revenue Service will withhold 10% of the amount of the sale until the foreigner proves the payment of taxes due. Normally, in 90 days, this amount is released to the seller.

What are the costs to start a business in Florida?

On average, accountants or lawyers charge about $ 600.00 to open an LLC (LLC) company.

Can I open a company without the help of an accountant or lawyer?

In theory, yes.However, an EIN number (CNPJ) will be required for most training companies. It is not necessary to have a Social Security number that requires a third party (lawyer or accountant) authorized to apply for the register .

What are the annual costs of an investment company?

The majority of Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) have only two days: Submit a Legal Income Tax Return (between January and April and cost an average of US $ 250.00) and renew the Annual Report with the State of Florida (between January and May and costs $ 125.00).

Will I Pay Income Tax in the United States?

Every foreigner, resident or not, is a pagan debtor of income on income earned in the United States by entering a social security number or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), depending on their immigration status. Income Tax in the United States defines aliquots of 10% to 35% varying with the income obtained.

Will I pay Brazilian income tax on income earned in the US?

According to the Federal Revenue Service, foreign income must be declared in Brazil. However, since there is a Non-Taxation Agreement, the tax paid in the US will be deducted from the tax due in Brazil. Once again, we recommend that consult a Brazilian accountant or lawyer for more information.

Buy to sell / after

Can I buy land to build without a future?

In theory, yes, but this option is very rare.Most of the condominiums are developed by builders that link a sale of the land to the construction of one of the plants offered by it.Usually, vacant lots are located in the area rural or out of town.

Can any property be rented by season?

No. Both the County and the Residents' Association need to authorize seasonal leases. Unfortunately, this has been a common mistake for foreign buyers who acquire unclaimed property as authorizations.

How much can I expect from rent income?

This is a very difficult answer because numbers can vary dramatically from one property to another. Overall, good properties (well-located, well maintained, newer) yield about 4-5% with seasonal rentals and 2 - 3% with conventional rent. Remember that these numbers are significant for the American market, where savings are less than 1% a year.

What are the expected revenues from vacation rentals?

This response varies greatly from real estate to real estate. A 4 bedroom house, located in the Yellow Sector (maximum 10 minutes from Disney) rents on average 28 weeks / year with average daily rate of $ 124.00 (Net to Owner), generating a Gross Revenue of approximately US $ 24,000.00 / year, net of a net income of 3% to 5% of the value of the property, deducted from Operating Expenses and Taxes (estimated at $ 16,000 / year). property will depend on the indicators of the Tourism Market.Another factor that influences profitability is the Acquisition Price of the Property - so it is important that you have the advice of a TALENT Negócios Imobiliários specialist to make a good purchase.

Is there a Property Income Guarantee?

In general, no administrator guarantees the financial performance of a property, since no one can manage global political, economic or climate variables. A few companies offer an annual rental agreement prepaid by large tour operators - creating a good predictability of revenue.

Who is responsible for payment of IPTU and Condominium Fee of a rented property?

In residential rentals, the owner is always responsible for the IPTU, Condominium Fee and property maintenance - that is, it is up to the owner to repair Air-conditioning, water heater, hydraulic, electric and everything that is essential to housing Therefore, the owner must design these expenses and incorporate them into the nominal value of the rent. In commercial leases the modality of Net Rent can be adopted, where the above responsibilities are transferred to the lessee.

Less common questions

What is the advantage of buying a property in Florida on behalf of the company?

Many foreigners prefer to buy properties on behalf of family businesses. This makes it simpler to transfer quotas between partners / owners and can avoid / reduce taxation of Cause-Mortis Tax.

Can the same property have multiple owners?

Yes, they can be relatives or not. There is no limit of owners in a deed, in case of financed property, the income of all will be added for approval of the financing.

Who can be a partner in the American company?

Foreign individuals or legal entities may be members of a company in Florida, in addition to American citizens and companies.

Should I acquire the property in my name or legal person?

Almost 100% of the time the answer is legal. (When the buyer is not American)

Brazilian or American juridical person?


Is it complicated to form a legal person in the US?

No, the time needed is a maximum of 20 minutes and the cost is very low.

If I buy a property in Orlando can I buy passes from discounted resident parks?

Yes and no - depend on the park.

If I rent the property when I'm not using it, I have to pay US income tax.