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 Why Buy in Orlando?

Morar em Orlando - Motivo 01

It's where the Disney World Resort is!
In addition to Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Sea World, Universal Studios and more. Perfect place for great family vacation memories.

Morar em Orlando - Motivo 02

For those who enjoy a warm and humid subtropical climate, Orlando is the ideal decision!
With the everlasting sky, the city is surrounded by several beaches that are about 1 hour away and Fantastic lakes.

Morar em Orlando - Motivo 03

The city - although it is one of the biggest tourist spots on the planet - is extremely calm and quiet.
Relatively small (290km² / 240,000 inhabitants), it is very well structured: Away from each other.

Morar em Orlando - Motivo 04

It is only 8 hours flight from Brazil!
It is possible to live full time in Orlando and visit Brazil frequently, and vice versa. And for being a famous tourist spot, airfare deals are what you will not lack!

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Cidade Orlando - Quem Somos?

With a wealth of experience over 10 years in the real estate construction and sales market, Orlando is not just another OnLine showcase of properties located in one of the most famous cities!
We help you choose one of the 10 thousand real estate registered on our site, Encompassing the entire Greater Orlando area (Orlando and its surrounding towns), from small apartments to incredible mansions of over 500sqm and all the beauty you find only in the USA.

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We at City Orlando will assist you in any way you need: we help you open an account abroad, we calculate freight, we indicate companies for car rentals and whatever else you need.

We want to make the change process as simple as possible, making you focus on what's really important: the choice of the ideal property !

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